List of Botanical Garden Station to Visit
List of Botanical Garden Station to Visit

List of Botanical Garden Station to Visit

Botanical garden station is a great place to visit, especially if you’re looking for something different than the usual museums or city tours. These gardens are perfect for learning about plants and trees that grow in different parts of the world, so they’re also good for taking a nature walk. But there’s more than just exploring plants at these places! From seeing beautiful flowers to going on special tours, here are some botanical gardens you should visit.

Botanical Garden Station, New Delhi

The Botanical Garden Station, New Delhi is one of the largest botanical gardens in India. It was founded by Lord Richard Attenborough in 1786 and has been under the care of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) since 1944. The garden covers an area of 250 hectares and is home to a large collection of plants from all over the world. In addition to this, it also has a large collection of trees, shrubs and flowering plants

Singapore Botanical Garden Station

Singapore Botanical Garden Station is a 100-hectare (250-acre) garden in Singapore located on the southernmost tip of the island. The garden was founded in 1859 and has been open to the public since 1874, making it one of Singapore’s oldest attractions.

Though the gardens were established primarily for research purposes, they’ve grown into something much greater: a popular tourist attraction where visitors can see more than 4,000 plant species from around the world.

Kew Gardens

If a visit to the Royal Botanic Gardens Station isn’t on your list of things to do in London, it should be. The world-famous gardens are home to over 30,000 different plant species and one of the largest collections of living plants anywhere in the world.

Kew Gardens has something for everyone, from lush green lawns and magnificent trees to a thriving fernery, Victorian glasshouse, and historic buildings that are still used by scientists today.

The gardens are divided into three areas: Kew Green (the main entrance), Kew Palace & Park (home to an array of important national collections), and Richmond Hill Gate with its spectacular views over London.

Admission costs £15 per adult or child (aged 4 – 15 years). Children under 4 years old enter free if they sit on an adult’s lap during their visit or if they use pushchairs without seats attached at all times while within the Gardens; otherwise, you can purchase priority tickets for them at half price (£7)

Huntington Botanical Garden Station

Located in southern California, Huntington Botanical Garden Station is one of the most visited gardens in the United States. It’s also the largest botanical garden Station in the country, with over 13,000 different species of plants and over 7,000 different types of trees.

The gardens were established by railroad magnate Henry Huntington in 1919 after he bought 8 acres (3 hectares) of land surrounding his estate. His goal was to create a place where people could enjoy nature without having to travel far from home. In addition to its impressive collection of flora and fauna which includes more than 1,000 different types of shrubs the Huntington Botanical Garden features lush lawns, fountains carved out of stone imported from Italy and Japan, an aviary filled with exotic birds such as peacocks and flamingos (some even have their own private pools), sculptures by Auguste Rodin and other artists and even an outdoor amphitheater where concerts are held throughout summer months!

Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden Station

Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden Station is a botanical garden located in Coral Gables, Florida. It is open to the public and contains over 10,000 species of tropical plants. The garden covers 1,000 acres of land and was first established in 1936 by Charles Deering Fairchild on his estate. The Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden is now maintained by the University of Miami as part of its Coral Gables campus.

Desert Botanical Garden Station

The Desert Botanical Garden Station is located in Phoenix, Arizona. It is the largest botanical garden in the United States and has over 250 acres of botanical gardens. The garden has over 4000 species of plants, including over 20,000 individual plants!

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

This botanical garden is located in London and has over 50 acres of green space with over 54,000 different species of plants from all over the world. It was founded in 1759 by King George III’s wife Queen Charlotte who wanted to create a refuge for exotic plants that she could use for her gardening projects at their home at Windsor Castle. Today you will find everything from tropical rainforests to lakeside meadows full of flowers here! You can even spot some historic buildings such as Temperate House which dates back to 1762!

Huntington Library & Botanical Gardens (San Marino)

The Huntington Library & Botanical Gardens has been around since 1919 when philanthropist Henry E Huntingdon donated his personal library along with his art collection so they could be open “to all scholars and researchers who may need them.” What makes this place unique is that there’s no admission fee required all you have to do is register online before visiting so staff knows how many people are coming! This means


I hope this article has given you some ideas for your next trip. I love going to botanical garden station because they’re a great way to experience nature and see some beautiful flowers in an urban setting. It’s also nice just to sit there and relax while taking it all in.