The Correct Storage Temperature to Properly Age Wine

The Correct Storage Temperature to Properly Age Wine

Imagine yourself walking through a proper old-aged wine cellar and smelling the aromas given off by old wine barrels and corks. Nonetheless, this dream of owning such a place is only sometimes a reality for all who collect fine wine bottles; therefore, this is where other wine storage ideas come into play, and this world of possibilities seems endless. Luckily, many manufacturers and outlets specialize in these unique items and products, such as wine coolers or fridges. However, with the world of total gains, there are a variety of units available such as the wine cooler 400mm wide to the name one of a vast number in availability, given as huge advantages to collectors of wine bottles. Furthermore, as this item is specially designed to store wine in the proper atmosphere, such as the perfect temperature and other factors, you can rest assured that your most prized possessions are taken care of, especially if you desire either red or white wine to be stored optimally at the pivotal temperature needed to age them properly. However, by researching these products online from manufacturers, such as, or at stores, you would realize that this world of wine cooling is estimated to be limitless in design and function.

The perfect temperature

Although it is not an exact science, according to experts, the optimal storage temperature needed to age wine properly should be 12 degrees Celcius, as many believe that when going over this temperature, for instance, 21 degrees Celcius, might lead to the wine overheating and leading to it boiling, leaving the wine tasteless as it has lost all of its aromas. In addition, many believe that storing wine between 7-18 degrees Celcius might be the correct storage of both red and white wine. Although however, it is preferred that red wine be stored in a much warmer environment than its counterpart white wine, which favors a cooler temperature gage to preserve its tanginess and sharpness, as no wine connoisseur would appreciate anything less than the perfect aging temperature for their most beloved bottles of wine, they would most definitely follow these rules to ensure the ideal temperature preservation is kept at a peak. And luckily, all wine coolers and refrigerators keep these temperatures at perfect flow to ensure that all wines that need aging are held at the ideal temperature required.

Other benefits of a wine cooler

A wine cooler provides the correct preservation temperature for red or white wine. Various other environmental features come into play when storing both wines in a properly working and functioning wine cooler. So, to explain things in more depth, there should always be attention paid to the humidity factor as the humidity within the wine storage unit should always stay at the pivotal 70% level to ensure that the corks of the wine do not dry up as this would lead to moisture seeping through into the bottle of wine itself. In addition, the other factor that plays a pivotal role is the airflow within such a unit, provided by the working fan inside. Again, as fluctuations may destroy wine, the correct flow of air around the team is much the same as storing wine in a standard refrigeration appliance that is opened regularly.

In conclusion

When looking back, there is a pivotal storage temperature of 12 degrees Celcius to store and age wine correctly in a wine cooler or fridge. In addition, humidity control plays an important part as well as the airflow, so, whichever way you look at it, owning a wine cooler, you should keep the proper storage of wine to age them inside one of the units.